Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tonetta, Vol. II on Black Tent Press

I'm a little obsessed with Tonetta, and the awesome guys at Black Tent Press sent me his latest full length to review. I've been working on it forever, because I approach full length releases like 10 singles. There's some words over in the forum about this enigma.

Check it out and pick this up from Black Tent Press. It will be one of the most original things you hear all year.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Forum? I'm confused. What is going on here?!?!

  2. The 'forum' is pages of html devoted to Tonetta! There's no one but me on it! It makes no sense!

  3. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I still don't get it. Why isn't that review over here?