Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Tears on Kind Turkey Records

Didn't want to forget about this Kind Turkey release from Two Tears, which is Kerry Davis of the Red Aunts, who are taking the seat-of-the-pants, who-needs-to-learn-chords attitude and applying it to a bluesy garage aesthetic. Taking that initial gut reaction to rock, which has proven over and over again you can will a band into existence simply with the right bad attitutude. Take all those years of relying on your stage presence for a show, and then get some tight, rocking craft involved....and you've got this Two Tears incarnation.

The A-Side, 'Eat People' has a bragging bad ass blues ethic: I'm a cannibal / I like to crunch / right through the bone with a foot tapping forward beat, raw and gritty guitar, a sort of JSBX over the top Cramps style blues. Kerry's using this layered, snide, snarling vocal that's letting you know she's in control... in fact most live reviews mention kicking and stomping boots...she's a bad ass cannibal singing, "Eat People, Baby!" Ok, let's do this. (?)

Heisse Hex, is praying to god above, but with a Ouija board and animal blood, not the cute letterman jacket, daddy's little girl right away I'm on board. Take that nuclear family '50s scene and give it some balls. She's almost a completely different singer than the "Eat..." track, no's almost sweet, actually trying to be a tender ballad from the homecoming Queen, but again....this is coming from a cannibal.
It also helps to add another level to this delivery in exotic foreign languages....because Heisse Hex sounds way better than Sexy just couldn't get away with that in any song, but there it is, and you know it's dirty before you even google translate it.

"Senso-Unico" features some long reverb, slow guitar tempo vibratting into silence. Just a couple of chords and the title vocal repeated over the sludgy riff, taking it's sweet time you let you really try to figure out if you're all in with this Unico, or maybe not tonight. Anyone singing "I hate my life!" is either going to have a good time or too much trouble to deal with....this "One-Way" isn't made any clearer by the explanation at the end of the track in Italian. (?)

Kerry Davis takes all of this rock experience from her beginnings which made something out of nothing... the feeling of rock, without any actual skill. Two Tears then takes simple progressions and repeating melodies of garage riffs that are also held together by this sheer will of Kerry's vocals. This is the damn song, pay attention.

Or I'll kick you.

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