Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Victory & Associates - Kickstarter funded album

If you remember Victory and Associates, you'll remember this review of their previous release on Seismic Wave Records...looks like they're after a full length release of their high energy party....they think you're probably ready....but do you want it on vinyl? Can you handle putting the needle on the record of this meltdown fireshow?
V&A are letting the listeners decide.
I think every band should be using Kickstarter to have the option for a vinyl release that might not otherwise happen. If they think they can't put up the massive funds for an all out gatefold, 180 gram release, then make sure the people that want it can collectively put up the money. It makes perfect sense.
I don't know how kickstarter is making money though...maybe they take a percentage if something is successfully funded?
You could have a label like Hozac put up next years subscription club like this...or a label that's never done it before. It's like an advance sale, but there's a third party to hold responsible and not just take your subscription money and run. You know who you are picture disc series...and album leaf label.

Go kickstart this full length, they have 9 days left. Don't bitch later when you can't get this on vinyl.

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  1. Yup, they take a small cut of any successfully funded campaign. It's not a lot, 5% of the funds raised. But it's certainly enough to cover their overhead and then some, since it's basically a tool.

    This record sounds great BTW, I really hope we hit the goal so we can share it with the world at this premium level.

    Thanks for the shout out too!