Monday, June 27, 2011

The Chemistry Set on Fruits de Mer Records

The Psychedelic genre has taken just about every possible direction since it's inception in the mid '60s. Fruits de Mer Records is doing their best to document a big piece of this ongoing scene and Keith at Fruits de Mer Records has recently launched a side imprint of his psyche label, Regal Crabomophone saying:
"ok, now this is exciting - we've created the sister label we've long-discussed, with the intention of giving a few of our favourite bands the chance to premiere some of their finest new material on strictly-limited vinyl. We're going to do our best to ensure we keep up the standards we've tried to build over the last three years."

Their first release is from "The Chemistry Set", who surprisingly broke up in 1991, are back to pick up the pieces of that Stone Roses, Happy Mondays acid house, post-shoegaze sound. A combination of psyche grooves, and repetitive ground rhythms to improvise the haze over, while keeping the focus relying heavily on the dance beats, it's one of those genre's that arose out of an unlikely combination. The Chemistry Set is pulling those old beakers and flasks out of the closet to see what kind of bubbling, smoking beakers and accidental explosions they might get.
"Impossible Love" starts out with a reverse sounding harpsichord and a heavily sampled trip hop type beat comes right in immediately over this devolving looped sample. Taking the trip-house a step further they even introduce a horn section which takes off in the chorus along with the huge sounding backup choir. All the elements of classic psyche are present....heavy use of the tambourine, the hammond organ, guitar solo… along with a rolling along, heavy dub sampled beat.
It's impossibly long at 6:40, this one has to be pressed at 33, but I'm glad they could find it in them to cut this down and held back in order to fit the 7" format...I hear a 12" dance mix rising out of the fadeout on this one.

Didn't get a chance to hear the B-Side but Regal Crabomophone says "The Chemistry Set's cover of The Rolling Stones' 'We Love You', renamed 'We Luv You' by The Set; if you think you know it and love it from their latest album, you haven't heard this remixed version - Manel Ibanez has psyched it to the max (which is 100% by the way, we don't go in for 110% and the like) to create the 'Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It' mix - the perfect companion to 'Impossible Love'."

Going fast, better get this one imported from across the pond from Fruits De Mer Records.

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