Friday, June 10, 2011

The Hussy - Cement Tomb Mind Control

Bobby from The Hussy just delivered on his promise of a bad ass full length and a tour that is making it's way through NYC this weekend...with a live appearance on WFMU.

Have been giving this full length, Cement Tomb Mind Control a listen for the past couple of days and those early singles just hinted at this blown out echo to death sound that starts in from the first track, "I'm me". It got me thinking about this title, which could be the title of a Japanese Ed Wood horror movie, the Hussy have a fun, do whatever it takes spirit that equals completely rocking out this high energy, punk-garage. The vocals are distorted, the drums are explosive...this had to be mixed and mastered right on that line of fuzz, and often times right over it. But that's what makes it feel live...they obviously are at home on stage at full volume, leaving trails of motion in any still photo...and they captured this on the record. It's not easy to get that sense of space and more importantly the performance.
Heather and Bobby's back and forth vocal on any given track is what takes this beyond a traditional garage sound, it's the lyric sound of a duo along with the instrument interaction. They're both accomplished and half pushing each other to make this next one a little shorter, a little faster, and I'm going to get to the chorus I am. Hearing Heather in this context, like on "Odd Duck", is this combinaiton of the the trained party howl of Shannon & the Clams with the raw scuzz of Bass Drum of Death. It's a dirty sounding surf, frankensteined together from the garage '50s and greaser rock blues. The back and forth of just 'Yea's" is priceless...they can get away with it sounding so good.

Everything hovers around 2 minutes and comes off as one endless bombardment. If you stomp your feet at high speed for 20 minutes you will have just gotten off the Cement Tomb Mind Control ride.

I have to further love a band that's open to just fucking around with sound and breaking up the A-Side with "Peace, bro", just an answering machine message over a crash jam completly fucked with a massive echo, then rewinding and looping the end of the message, "peace... bro -bro -bro"

Go give this a listen below...or better yet, catch the Hussy IN TOWN THIS WEEKEND! 3 shows have no excuse.

Hussy is streaming the LP here, but of course then you'll want the vinyl from Slow Fizz Records,
or Bobby or Heather at one of these shows. Bring the extra 10 bucks.
Peace bros.

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