Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hussy, The Hussy, The Hussys on Fire

Got a chance to finally catch The Hussy last night at Fontana's and if I thought the recorded full length captured what must be the live energy of this band I was completely wrong. The studio recording captures the nuances and all the tiny detail of the songwriting and guitar sound, but when they play these tracks live onstage, they are new in a completely different way. Bobby and Heather, facing each other are pouring everything into playing these songs, it's all opened up to crazy effortless improvisation. I knew it was going to sound different from the record, but I really didn't expect the tsunami that blew in, you can't look away. It's over too quick, it felt like it just got started, there's no breaks, right into the next catchy wall. Bobby half staggered, half launched himself around different corners of the stage...out onto the monitor stands, about to topple over into the crowd and then swinging the guitar at the end of his arms back over to the mic when he wasn't singing. A totally natural out of control performance.

The only time Bobby stood still for a second and I managed to get a not blurry pic on my iphone was when he set his jaguar on fire.

I saw him reach for the lighter fluid and started pressing the button. The audience talking later outside were afraid they were going to also go up in flames. I don't blame them. It was the only conclusion to the friction that was building up onstage, something had to give...and not one bit of it felt premeditated.

They play again tonight at Don Pedros. Get some macaroni and cheese balls. Heat them up over the sweet flames of raw garage rock...and get their full's going fast.

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