Friday, June 3, 2011

Interview with Fat History Month

I really can't explain why I like Fat History Month so much, I mean it's easy to understand why Cheap Time is so great for instance, the catchy, garage crafted's a hardwired party... but this is so minimal and runs the range of imperceptibly quiet to raging distortion. It also might have to do with these guys being a duo, that dynamic of two artists together, inherintly knowing when the change is coming, the ability to easily improvise epic changes and instrumentation with just a faint reverb. They are pretty naked out there, without a lot of facade to distract, and they're writing the most delicate and moving post punk melodies...sometimes purely instrumental and sometimes with just a verse of abstract lyric. A perfect combination as far as I'm concerned. I'm irrationally obsessed.

That's why I'm supporting their kickstarter effort for a new van to tour with Ugh God to the west coast. For a mere $25 you get both bands entire discographies and most secretive demos....and a single. Plus I want them to make it to NY in August.

Not to mention they talk about mixing and recording a full length coming out on Sophmore Lounge soon.

Listen to Sean from Fat History Month, download the MP3 here.

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