Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sisterland on Too Pure Records

Another one from the Too Pure singles club...(I've got to get caught up, what are we 6 months in already?) this one from Sisterland.
It's amazing so far these are first efforts from bands without any hint of a full length yet...can they possibly have just recorded these couple of tracks one weekend? It's great a really established institution like Too Pure is getting behind new bands like this to be a part of this singles club.

"Tomorrow", the A-Side is setting the whole track in a real huge space with these buried echo-y vocals for off in the mix. A sort of shoegaze haze of the Twilight Sad through a post punk filter. The vocals have a great independent line not really relying on this guitar melody, or anything else in the track for that matter. Those disparate melodies working together a bit like those James Mercer, Shins harmonies.
There's a tightly wound, plate reverb guitar effect sounding like that Abe Vigoda timpany metal sound. It works to have this uncommon slightly experimental sound with
a heavily distorted, rough bassline it's a pretty unique end result, and really gets the best of both genres.
I read that this was put together in a bedroom, literally while getting dressed...and if you play this after the Slam Donahue single forgetting about what you did that weekend, Sisterland picks it up says, Don't worry about it, it's a good thing you can't remember because here's a new one all clear and full of promise again. Try not to fuck this one up.

"Bearing Gifts" has a much dirtier driving rhythm and that echo vocal that goes nicely into falsetto for any given syllable and that heavily effected non-guitar sound works it's way back in. In the same way Slam Donahue was using live drums in their electronic equation, Sisterland then uses odd gated drum machine cut off hits of a crash cymbal. It's a bit of the post punk jagged rhythm sound with a Crystal Stilts nod to shoegaze-psyche mixing this heavy delay sound with some weird elements and getting a new offshoot of the shoegaze sound. Lots of pop thrown in and plenty of unusual experimentation to separate it from just a wall of guitar.

Check out "Tomorrow" on Too Pure's soundcloud mix.

Get this one as part of the Too Pure Club or pick up just this one at the TP store. There's months and months to go still, and not all of these are going to be available individually, so that gets my finger hovering over the paypal button.

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