Friday, July 29, 2011

Vein Cranes on Floridas Dying Records

This one came in from the great Floridas Dying Records, a single from husband and wife duo known here as Vein Cranes. A duo has it's own special kind of music magic, the close collaboration can bring out the best of both, while keeping a laser focus on direction and sound, all of this is amplified when that duo is married which is the case with the Vein's special brand of weirdo.

A-Side opens with "True Believer" a fractured drum rhythm and acoustic guitar introduce a slow distanced feel to the track, which the tom tom drum pattern quickly picks up. They are straddling the line of '60s girl group harmony and dirty garage with Denise singing "I believe" in an angelic backup sound, while Owen has the gritty garage distorted delivery in his lead. Denise is the masses response to Owen's sermon. The instrumentation overall has that ramshackle racket of an anything goes layered 4track experiment, the feedback, the tuneless rattling guitar melody...sorting out the glorious noise. The track eventually winds up where it started, with a mainstream slow dance dance.

The next track, "Pink Motherfucker" is more of this oldies combination, an old school pop classic oldies sound, with a hint of a damaged drum track just out of reach while they go full on spector '50s, like Shannon or the Hunx, that big, full orchestral rock, the guitar jangle and overlapping of 'yea yea yeahs'. Owen delivering the vocal with that greaser snarl, only leather jackets and switchblades the whole effect even more unsettling thanks to the lyrics:
you're a pink motherfucker / and your brain is full of shit / we can spare the discussion / let me introduce my fist
which takes this into that twisted un-romanticised John Waters looking at the prom dresses and glitter curtains and taking a big dump on them.

The B-Side, "Attitude", continues to bring the orchestral ruckus beginning with an electronic feedback meltdown rhythm they both bring their distorted layers of harmonies too. An acoustic is buried in there somewhere, snare smacks of metal almost take it to a garage Magnetic Fields sound as much as they blues howl with reverb, and play with a slide. The '50s tom beats start up towards the end with an overwhelming feedback. They have absolutely cornered this almost Ween devotion to this unique reinterpretation of a new history.

Hear it on their bandcamp page and get it direct from who else? Floridas Dying Records.

[FDR-36] Vein Cranes are a new group from the husband/wife duo who also make up Orlando band Lagues. These are the first three songs they recorded under the moniker of Vein Cranes, and have me really excited for what these young kids have to come. Lo-fi catchy as hell garage songs with dual male/ female vocals thrown through a wall of guitar squelch, keys, drum machines, and assorted noises. Since recording they have grown into a full band, and plan to tour extensively this years so keep your eyes peeled. Limited to 350 with 100 on colored vinyl with different color sleeves.

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