Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wiggins on Needless Records

Got a new one in from Needless Records, this single from The Wiggins, which includes a giant color 14x14 poster of a waterworld apocolypse scene with a punk rock aquaman fighting some nasty huge carp, and if that wasn't enough, on the reverse is a crayon backyard wrestling scene being shot with camcorders. Some weird unsettling child/adult imagery going on for this scuzzy, distorted slow surf rock sound on blue vinyl.

The Wiggins is basically Jon Read, who definitely created the cartoony hell world poster inside and from what I'm picking up puts this project together solo, The A-side, "Walk" comes in with a seriously damaged drum track, buried under crackles with the bass punched up, a simple guitar line creates another layer of this faster Suicide sound. A chugging away, slow tempo machine beat with bratty vocals if you could imagine Sarim from Liquor Store going dirty surf Ty Segall. I'm getting the feeling this volume is an important part of the process...that little melody doesn't need anything else, just turn it up. It's recorded just as loud, the amps breaking the sound as much as whatever mangled effects are already running into the mix. There's no end to this dirty garage sound going around, plenty of room on the bus still for another 2 minute pickup.
The B-Side, "Sick" (the titles are as direct as the tracks, get to the business, I don't want to read, I want to rock), even gets semi-acoustic on this one, big echo trap on the vocals again, and this sludgy track somehow is catchier than the other side. Is there a post surf garage rock? There's a weird blacklight vibe to this and who doesn't want that unpolished Wavves (first album) punk sound with a little less weed references. A bluesy south of the Mason-Dixon Psychedelic Horseshit that turns into a front porch singalong at drunk speed. Normally I would think it can be a mistake to take that surf sound so slow, but it's not even an issue getting this laid back.

Swampbats did a great interview with Jon over here.

Listen to this one on their bandcamp page, sold out from Needless Records and can't find this from any of the usual distros...pressed in an edition of 100! So contact those guys and tell them to repress already.

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    only the limit ed. 7" are sold out.. the standard release is still available: