Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apache Dropout on Trouble in Mind Records

Here comes another release in Trouble in Minds hectic catalog schedule, this one from a newcomer to me, Apache Dropout, a trio out of Indiana. They put out a full length on Family Vineyard not too long ago and are working with those classic psyche, layered haze sounds that fit right into a Fresh and Onlys or Jacuzzi Boys laid back pop-burnout aesthetic. The full lengths I find myself putting on when I can't be bothered to keep flipping the record. Did I just say that?

The A-Side, "Shot Down" explodes with a dense phaser jam, the melody twisting around in the middle of that swirl to emerge with Sonny's almost bowie-esque vibrato vocals. There's a lot of texture you would expect in reworking the '60s garage, lots of room reverb, huge sound on the crash cymbal, or gong? trails off forever. This meaty see-saw riff is a combination of bass and inseparable low end distortion, all buried in the low end and being made for vinyl, allowing for that huge separation between the mud and the shimmery treble. It breaks for a moment with heavy reverb twinkling melody, and a hit shaker, to transition back into the heavy haze, the whole time being surprisingly catchy, up there with Tim Cohen's repeatability.
B-Side's, "Sister Burnout", has the dirtiest distorto guitar open the floodgates of a tambourine, tom-tom caveman rhythm. The vocals have a subtle crunch of hiss, Sonny goes from this cool detached delivery to belting out alternating verses with wolf howl. The melody shifts from straight ahead left, right stomping to jangly muted double time's a damn quick one, but that's alright for the 7inches.

Go check out some of the tracks from that full length at their bandcamp page.

This one is available on mixed tan marble vinyl from TIM and if you don't find a bunch of things to put together an order (new wax museums, night beats, novak...the pizzas!) then you just aren't looking...I also got a patch which went immediately on my bag with hot glue...who needs sewing...thanks guys!
This Bloomington, IN trio took just about everybody by surprise with their LP released earlier this year on Family Vineyard; a full-tilt, f'ed-up, psyched-out boogie-fied garage stomper filtered through the musical ghosts of bands both past & present, & we here at TiM HQ are pleased as punch to be releasing this two-song rager hot on the heels of that debut thrill-ride! "Shot Down" is a mutant Troggs stomp soaked in the sweat of John Lee Hooker & bops along like the bastard child of the Ohio Express & Sun Ra. The flipside - "Sister Burnout" is a barn-burning head-banger that ratchets up the intensity & sounds like an amphetamine-fueled sword fight between The Shadows Of Knight & The Deviants, with singer/guitarist Sonny Alexander testifying like a tweaked out Richard Hell. This is full-on sanctified-psych - drop the needle on the wax & become a believer! The first press of this 7-inch is on mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve & includes a download code!

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  1. I heard their LP was incredible. Add it to the never ending list.