Monday, August 15, 2011

CSC Funk Band / Misterholmes and the Brotherhood split on Light in the Attic / Fat Beats Records

This is one of those singles I had to sort of piece together how I might have ended up with it, it features the CSC Funk band, whose retro jams I've been exposed to on Electric Cowbell Records, and I've definitely ordered releases from Fat Beats in the past, but Light in the Attic was completely new to me, and they have been around for at least 10 years with n extensive release history of quality niche sounds from across eras and genres, so however I ended up with this in the mailbox, I thank you.

There's a story to this release of course that makes it so great and I'll just quote Light in the Attic because it's too perfect:
It all started in Los Angeles with a chance meeting at a house show in an old Victorian home. The LITA crew rolled in, only to find the sprawling NYC collective–CSC Funk Band–tearing up the stage with a cover of “Thrift Store Find” by Mr. Holmes & the Brotherhood as heard on Wheedle’s Groove: Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965-75! After their absolutely scorching set, we picked up our jaws off the floor and immediately cornered the band to get the scoop. Long story short, many friends were shared in common and an idea was sparked – a 45 featuring the original deep funk cut of “Thrift Store Find” with the sprawling psych-funk cover by CSC Funk Band on the flip. Sound too good to be true? Believe it.
So here it is sitting on the record player, spanning a couple of generations of funk, this original from Misterholmes has that straight up heavy, repetitive bassline with the tick of a high hat. It's definitely the stereotypical '70s groove, cop music. The grainy, t0ugh NY streets. It's insanely minimal, the whole track slowly builds itself up with the simplest elements and then starts over with that "Shaft" feel. There's even room for a big distorted wah wah solo for a hot second and then that super groove starts back up again. I remember when the Beastie Boys embarked on that funk sound on Ill Communication, or was it that EP with "Root Down"? At the time they fostered a lot of research into tracking down more of this's universal for the bad asses, the pimps and hustlers, across 110th street. This single would be a great place to start.

Then you get to CSC's reinvention of the track on the B-Side, and even at 45rpm, I'm still guessing this one is at the wrong speed. For these guys to really expand on and lay down an even thicker groove than the original, they took this reverse tactic of getting almost too slow to even hold together, it's bordering on falling apart, if you just miss that next kick...the depressants are just about to kick An incredible organ kicks in with what must be a doubling of instruments, a huge amount of people love this song and add their two cents, in this strung out, super psyche retelling of events. Just around this time, they twist the melody around into a reggae sort of feel about halfway through, and open up some jam room for a ridiculous Santana solo to cream around. They get such an incredible layered horn explosion sound towards the end of this that has to be heard on that serious audiophile system someone around you must have. It's a unique reinterpretation of the track and everyone involved cared enough to document their result on this fine artifact in a plain brown paper sleeve, like naughty adult magazines, with a 45 adapter inserted into the wax already.
Fat Beats, where this one can be purchased says:
CSC Funk Band simultaneously pays homage and obliterates history in this tripped out, psychedelically enhanced version of “Thrift Store Find” by Mr. Holmes and the Brotherhood, from Light in the Attic’s Wheedle’s Groove Compilation. The original is on the flip of this 7”, and comes in a vintage brown paper sleeve with a 45 adapter for those who came to the party unprepared. This cut will not be on the LP release of CSC’s Fat Beats Records debut “Things Are Getting Too Casual,” so this is your only chance to get it on wax!

They also release a full length record tomorrow of 40 minutes of huge psyche-funk on Fat Beats, congrats guys.

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