Friday, August 26, 2011

George Glass "Sunshine" on Frozentone International Recordings

George Glass is the latest project from this 3 piece out of LA, sprung from the ashes of Death to Anders a couple years back. Singer/Guitarist Nicholas Ceglio wanted to keep things going and GG was born.

The A-Side, "Sunshine" starts out with an understated back and forth slightly reverb'd riff with a distanced drum loop, like an AM radio sample. The vocals are mic'd through a jacked up tiny speaker, all treble with Nicholas half singing delivery a sort of stream of consciousness lyrics...a hint of the hazy chorus works it way in, but it's all to get your guard down before the live, slick sound comes crashing in for the rest of the track. Massive effected guitar sounds and cymbal crashes, the song suddenly is coming from another place. The tempo drops down and that old radio sounding instrumentation is back, lazier and they get you again thinking it was ok to turn up the stereo again...big mistake, they come back even stronger, more layers of delay, and huge echo. Sunshine is exactly what they are delivering, the kind of blistering, skin peeling sunshine that is way more than expected.
B-Side features a Love cover of "Gazing", which stays overall true to the original with George Glass adding an even bigger, dense sound to the classic track. Vocally they keep that angelic layered sound from "Sunshine". Just subtly upping the ante on every piece...the drums hit a little harder, the pauses a little quieter...faithful, while putting their own modern stamp on the track.
Finally they finish the single with "Lil Wiz", which has a bouncy, guitar riff in a sort of '90s English, britpop way, which devolves into feedback noise and the harmony vocal layers turn into tortured yelling in a cave for a moment, and this catchy rhythm is back. There's some elements of the overseas '90s sound here, The Happy Mondays or Verve, that poppy post-shoegaze sound, that keeps throwing curve balls just when you start to pin them down.

Get this single direct from their bandcamp page, take your pick of color vinyl and a download card.

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