Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mater Suspiria Vision on Mishka Records

Got a new single from the prolific Mishka Records, this one being the fourth release in their catalog from Mater Suspiria Vision. Mishka seems to be mining a pretty particular corner of electronic music and this single is no exception. From the dark Blessure Grave to freakishly talented Hussle Club, they are artists I wouldn't have otherwise come in contact with, and there isn't anyone out there with this kind of idiosyncratic focus .

Mater Suspira Vision is coming off like the audio equivalent of Holy Mountain, freakishly their own combination of industrial and drone with a similar visual collage aesthetic the the film. Like The Knife they seem to have worked out a strong theatrical element, which is as important as the sound, and once you

The A-Side, "Seduction of the Armageddon Witches" sounds like a single slow, somewhat manipulated rhythm loop with a female vocal heavily delayed to the point where any recognizable words she's saying are bouncing back in on themselves to an unrecognizable degree. There's a slew of very low, subtle, sinister synth sounds writhing away in the background, slowly working through a few chords, but overall it finds this grind and sticks with it. Something like a trance Skinny Puppy sound, or the hyptnotizing dub of Neitzer Ebb...the repetition is a huge part of this...and the occult. Instead of embracing the machine like that era, MSV seems to be turning towards the spirit world of drum machines and keyboards. God knows it needs it, for some reason it's been stuck with being forced to create happy dance music at ungodly BPMs. Scaring the hell out of people can be an interesting place to take pure electronics. MSV seems like they can match this sound with their stage show, when they have one....on their facebook page it says over and over:
Nothing like yelling about how you don't want to play to get people even more interested in just what the hell it is these guys are doing. Their videos are equally interesting, are they recreations of sacrifices, or pieced together ritual footage? Either way it adds another level to that unrelenting pulsating bass sound.

The B-Side, "Séance Infernale" opens with more heavily echo'd sounds of children breathing or crying? It's hard to tell exactly what's going on, and their counting on this creepy ambiguity. Heavy reverb on a minimal drum track is the only thing that isn't human voice in one form or another. More female vocals, too echo'd to understand are mostly just talking. A terrifying heavy layered synth sound breaks in eventually. A single chord, sustained for the rest of the track. Nothing but warped out voices end the track. It's almost subverting everything electronic music has been used for in the past. This isn't going to be played on any dancefloor, and even as a joke I'm not going to get the Ouija board out and play this song 3 times in the mirror. You can tell when it just isn't worth it. When there's even the slightest chance it might be true...why take the chance?

Get it from Mishka Records:
Mater Susupiria Vision's "Seduction of the Armageddon Witches" 7". "Séance Infernale" featuring Scout Klas and How I Quit Crack on the B-side. Blue Vinyl, only 300 pressed.

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