Monday, August 1, 2011

The Teeth - Clatter & Jive on Noise Pollution Records

This latest came in from Noise Pollution Records, a label out of Louisville, which has been putting out records since around 1999, and has amassed a huge catalog of stuff, I'm guessing mostly from that part of the world. This single from a fourpiece, The Teeth has a slightly hardcore, punk rock feel with blasting guitars and hoarse, distorted vocals, and surprising instrumental B-Side.

A-Side's, "Generator" has a huge chord progression, edging more towards that punk feel, which they sort of restrain themselves from going straight speed punk, and instead balance that hardcore with a banging pattern on the verse and letting loose on the chorus. Changing up the rhythm into a lock step beat which the vocal seems to follow with the same punchy stuttered time. Overall it comes off like the classic punk/hardcore from the early nineties that were found in every skate video of the time. Did that actually expose me to new music? Or did that scene get me into skating, until someone finds a guitar and a garage. I know it's all anyone listened to for a time and this would have fit right into that scene.

"Pig Foods" up next with an extreme pounding, all drums and chords in a stuttered rhythm, the whole band chanting the vocal, or their own version of this verse, sounding like they have different interpretations of key words...which to me are coming off as pornographic, but that's probably my fault. A caveman punk track, stripping instrumentation down to 2 chords and repeat, it's brief of course, just blowing your hair back for a minute, catch your breath at the chorus and grit your teeth.

"Huevos Cubanos" on the B-Side starts this one out with a droning synth or heavily processed guitar sound which creates this false slow start and the layers of rhythms pattern in, the bass plays a heavier role in this instrumental driving a lot of the melody, almost going Tortoise in it's composition for a moment and veering back to a catchy pop sound, who knows why this didn't end up with a vocal or why it's paired with that A-Side, to me it sounds like a split single, but it also might be foreshadowing where this band could, and has gone. Just when you think you had them figured out, they pull you back in.
Or something like that.

Get it from Noise Pollution Records.

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