Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Eeries on Evil Weevil Records

Mike from The Eeries let me know about their single out on Evil Weevil Records a couple months back and dammit if I didn't just get around to this today...there's just frankly getting to be too much stuff out there I haven't been able to even get to lately, and I'm not helping things by adding to the problem. Evil Weevil is based out of Philly along with this trio originally from NJ, and they have dropped an EP of sweet harmonies backed by reverb soaked jangle guitar. The unpretentious pop of Nodzzz with the teen wall of sound classic influenced Hunx or Shannon and the Clams.
Starting especially with the innocent sentiment of "Walk you Home", everything is coated in a distanced patina of huge room reverb sound, and harmonies from all the guys singing along together the entire length of this one, really every track. They're taking this singing thing as seriously as possible in the garage ballad direction of that bubblegum pop era. "Like You Do" is the slow dance disco ball starter, couple only, slow centered strumming and the guys are back in three part unison...really the more I hear this I can't get over the constant harmony work, always at the center of the surf pop.

B-Side's "I Don't Care" sounds like The Eeries are letting loose a little bit in favor of the weirdo raw, bluesy sound. The vocals are mic'd more from a distance and the harmonies are waiting until the chorus this time. "Listen baby" is the consummate crooning love song, the harmonies are back in overdrive, really belting them out, almost overpowering the smooth instrumentation, which is going to make for an excellent live show this Friday the 16th at Bruar Falls.

Get this one from Evil Weevil Records, who also just released today a 10 song cassette of some new material they're working on for another seven inch.

The Eeries are a 3 piece rock and roll band made up of friends from New Jersey who now call Philadelphia home. Recorded in one day by the band themselves in their South Philadelphia basement, the record showcases what the band does best. With exquisite and well thought out musicianship the band take pride in what they do with a nod to the music they grew up on. Comes Alive shows the band coming into their own, and becoming more comfortable with writing and finding their own voice. The Eeries are sure to turn some heads.

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