Friday, September 9, 2011

Fat History Month - A Gorilla EP on Sweaters and Pearls Records

I've been waiting to announce the latest single from my own Sweaters and Pearls label from Fat History Month. It's been hard... but until I finished printing those handcut linoleum sleeves I just had to suck it up. So there is it, ready to order, a 4 song, 33 1/3 EP clocking in at 14 minutes of mellow math equations and epic ringing distortion, from lead vocals and guitarist, Jeff Meff backed by Bobby Hobby's intricate pounding. I've always loved the dynamic of a duo, the back and forth between the guitar and drums, the stripped down nature of the instrumentation. Not that you would know it from B-Side's "Heart would take a Beating" where they build an intense wall of sonics from this minimal setup. Fat History Month takes pride in this kind of painstaking restraint, the intricate picked melody that explodes the next measure in growly distortion. Every track has these truly impressive ranges, the peaks of crazy time signature cymbals crashing, to muted heavy reverb picking, actually allowing notes to completely drift off out into nothing.
There's that underlying connection between a duo that comes across in the complexity of these changes, the kind of thing that comes from more than just the muscle memory of repetition. It's like all my favorite bands came together at once, A minor forest, Atvin, Unwound, June of 44... something like that....look, I'm already building it up way too much and I'm going to ruin it.

I urge you to go listen to their bandcamp page, check out the streaming tracks on the record player at Sweaters and Pearls and pick this up along with their recently released full length, "Fucking Despair" on Sophomore Lounge Records AND that "Safe and Sound" single still available from the Australian label, Bedroom Suck Records. I'm not the only one.

Almost forgot to mention when Fat History Month rounds up their tour to the west coast and back again, they'll be stopping in NY, September 27th at the Legion bar on metropolitan for a record release party show for this single. It will be the first time hearing these tracks in person and I'm counting the days.

Did I mention this is pressed on banana yellow vinyl with all kinds of smudges and swirls, some of them are even almost clear....very cool job from Archer Pressing.

I just couldn't let Darren at Velocity of Sound Records get away with putting out that Flesh Vehicle single and not responding with one of my own.
We're gonna have a 7 inch party tonight!

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