Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fat History Month Record Release Party!

Great show last night from these great guys, so awesome to meet them in person and pick up a copy of their full length on Sophomore Lounge Records and hear tracks from the Gorilla EP live. It's impressive to be a few feet away from the massive sweeping highs of that complex ever changing time signature rhythms and reverb guitar. My friend Evan was looking around to see what pedals they were using and was shocked not to find a single one...something I never even thought about. This wide shattering dynamic range is all due to Sean's attack on strings, winding down to an intricate melody and back slamming away in jagged riffs.
They are headed for Philly tonight and possibly back through NY tomorrow before they finally get a break, at least until November...

Their single is still available from my own Sweaters & Pearls label.


  1. What's a brother got to do to get a copy of that 7"??!! Pay for one???!!!

  2. What!!!! No way, I'll talk to the guys in shipping, they've been slacking lately.