Monday, September 26, 2011

Revilers - Stand or Fall EP on Patac Records

The stencil font and the gothic title lettering of the Revilers EP let you, the seven inch browser, know that these guys mean business...looking further on the reverse sleeve has an old etching image of a guy hanging in some sort of a personal size cage from a hangman's beam over the ocean. I'm going to guess that he was probably a pirate because back in the old days, probably the late 1700's they would string you up like that to rot in the port where everyone could see. You are a bad person and no one is going to save you. In typical fashion this is more of Patac Records extreme music, from this band, Revilers, also out of Boston, or the Cape Cod area, if you believe certain reviews. I hope the cape cod area could support a band like this, but I kind of doubt it. I know what it's like in a small town, extreme music of any kind doesn't go over very well at the local bar, but then again, angry, fuck all, punk can find a home anywhere really, so that part of me wouldn't be surprised.
The A-Side has the title track "Stand or Fall", and the entire production on this record is really clean, seriously low end kick drums, they really spent some time mastering this, getting the levels in line to have one pretty massive wall of melodic punk, which is coming off to me like Agnostic Front, that defining of punk for the Northeast...really really angry, not trying to push the limits of performance or technical skill or attitude, but getting the job done with that blue collar aesthetic. we have to rock these people tonight, not piss them off because we're trying to suck as hard as possible out of our own boredom.
In, "Tried and True", it could almost be a hard rock, anthemic Replacements track, J-Had even shares that raspy gutteral vocal, which works to carry all the tracks really melodically in that Rocket from the Crypt or Murder City Devils way...don't write them off as only about the aggression and angst. There's definitely fist pumping attention to detail here and actual songwriting taking place alongside the attitude.
B-Side's, "Road Rage" has to be my favorite lyrics on this one:
So clever in your saab
You haven't seen the last of me
beat you in front of your children
while your wife holds my coat

Not that they aren't going slightly political, talking about standing together, union style, and losing power against corporations....all valid complaints, but I can relate to road rage, and this track would probably get you in trouble on the freeway.

Get it direct from Patac Records, extreme music purveyors:
5 new tracks from Boston's Revilers. These new tracks pick right up where the debut EP ISOLATION left off. The two opening tracks are strong Oi influenced punk anthems in the vein of BLITZ and UK SUBS, while Side B hits you like a sledgehammer with tracks inspired by the likes of URBAN WASTE, CHAOS UK, and INEPSY. 100 Blue Marble (Mail Order and Tour Only) 400 Black color vinyl is 1st, 1st served.

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