Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ski Lodge at Cakeshop 9-16-11

Ski Lodge has more in common with Tennis than just conjuring up the images of boatshoes and popped collar polo teens engaged in leisure sports. That island, seabound sound is also a part of the Ski Lodge aesthetic on view last night at the Cakeshop. Jangly indie pop guitar with a tropical slant delivered underneath the christmas lights. A twinkling surf strumming over a delicate layered melody comes off with a '60s prom ballad feel at times. The lonely sounding reverb lines alognside the polyrhythm influenced rim shot percussion fills take the otherwise dreamy 8mm film clip into a more primitive place. Every part of the fantasy is explored; from the lazy windless drifting in the bay to the drum circles around the beach fires, there's a very definite summer inspired loose indie pop direction in every track with these guys.
It comes as no surprise then that Andrew Marr, on lead vocals originally is from Florida. He also produces and mixes their material that has a lot in common with The Smiths other than the family name, Ski Lodge seems to be drawing on a similar effortless songwriting out those seemingly minimal elements, with a hint of melancholy that comes with the inevitable end to that great summer. It can't last.

I recognized both songs from their bandcamp page, which they played, recreating the carefree, complex melodies shifting through the paces of catchy rhythms. The groundwork having been put in place by Andrew, whose breathy, upper register vocal is the perfect accompaniment, nearly harmonizing with the keyboard. There's a lot here to like if the Drums or Dog Day are on your radar, they've also nailed down that enthusiastic, catchy pop that's just plain fun to listen to live.

You can catch them October 8th at Pianos or pick up their 4 song digital EP from Dovecote Records released just a few days ago. That's not nearly enough once you check out this track, live is the only place to hear some of the future tropical pop they have in store.

A Game by Ski Lodge


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    Taking back Tennis from the goddamn whitez!

  2. You know those disclaimers at the beginning of audio commentary? That's what this is.