Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Limiñanas tour single on Trouble in Mind Records

Got this one in from an offshoot label of Trouble in Mind, "TIM" Records, wait...that's what I thought they were called already? The band is The Liminanas, who are a married couple or siblings with that last name, could be from France...this unusual sleeve for TIM is a tour only single with two tracks from a minimal Young Marble Giants meets the layered cycles of Stereolab.
The A-Side of this one finds the pair alternating between french and english vocals repeating "I've got a trouble in mind", which must have been pretty cool for the members of Cococoma/CEO's of TIM to have a band like this basically write their theme song...which is completely appropriate after all. My friend used to say, well he still does, that the Turing Machine isn't just mathy post rock but a new genre - car chase soundtrack music. The Liminanas are working with their own cool, detached approach to a french beach soundtrack. Instead of the surfing and budweiser, you have cigarette smoking parties and wear ray bans...maybe ride scooter moped things around, with baguettes. It's kind of fancy, but that could be that anything in french sounds a little intimidating. The vocals here of course have a distant relation to Nico, with human emotion this time, and even the restrained guitar strums have a little Velvet reverb to them. They're making a lot out of very little, and I'm definitely into where this pop psyche '60s sound could go on a full length.
The B-Side, “Je m’en Vais” brings a heavy synth rhythm and the hyper tambourine again. These wrists are getting tired. The lady vocals this time are different from the A-Side, and they list two contributors, Mu and Nadge on the center label. There's more relation to Stereolab than just a language in these repetitive, hyptnotizing lines of melody. The whispery layered cool vocals are putting you into a deep sleep.....The full length, and their other single is all sold out from TIM themselves, but at the count of three you will pick this up at Permanent in Chicago, and even Florida's Dying Records.

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