Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Loud on Payper Tiger Records

Got another overseas import to talk about today, from a UK label Payper Tiger Records, the band is The Loud and they sound to be working in a loose garage-y glam style, especially on this title track, "Amy's gonna get you", that ultra scuzzy dual guitar sound bouncing around that defines this one from the first riff. I can't help but get that Gary Glitter rhythm from "Rock and Roll (part2), you know the one....HEY! Vocally they carry that dirty sound further into his own slight distorted lyrics that grow into a blowout chorus, yelling like hell, a little of The Walkmen energy that makes that chorus stick with you for another play. It sounds like this girl is bad news, but he likes it. What are you going to do. The enthusiastic produced glam of T-Rex or the Smith Westerns meeting the indie pop energy of Ted Leo or Babyshambles. It's really working minimally with hardly anything at times, just a solid groove so when the layers of synth sounding guitars kick in, it's pretty over the top.
The B-Side sounds like a home recorded acoustic track (the best kind), called "Jodie Foster", this one manages to have that same energy as that A-Side, this guy really owns this all out style, you can hear the tiny room he built this in, not that it stops the raw lay it out vocals. You wouldn't know it started as some kind of demo once the bass and organ lay their own parts in, that's really successfully done the whole time thinking, this guy has that kind of natural ability to write something like this stuck in a room by himself.
You can check out both tracks on The Loud's bandcamp page, and pick this one up from Payper Tiger Records.

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