Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something Men on EzPz Records

Got an email from Joe about checking out a single from his band, the Something Men, on EzPz Records. He was nice enough to ship this one from across the pond, so that means this one is going to be an import (local disto below -ed)...but take a chance on this one before the whole European union breaks up over Greece and there's no more mail period.....ever.
"Birdy Roof" on the A-Side has a pretty massive reverb sound cutting wide through the whole snotty blues sound. Vocally it's a high register nasal sort of Hunx sound, you can almost hear the grin and the sweaty leather vests. It sounds like they're faithfully recreating that slow blues shuffle up and down the fret scale, with a wet, almost surf mix. The distanced snarly vocal would be right at home in the Nashville scuzzy distortion blues, or Florida's laid back snot surf. Sounds like something similar conceptually must be going on over in their part of the world that appreciates the same things that made the Jacuzzi Boys or Nodzzz.
The B-Side "Mud Brown Mistress" seems to expand out of that classic sounding blues to a more melodic trash rock, a sibling of Cheap Time or even Personal and the Pizzas. The far off reverb vocals are still here and jangly big Rickenbacker guitars this time go for broke in finger bending solo's. There's no rhyme or reason to this meltdown except being informed by those Kinks or Velvets almost punk departures from rock structure all could even go back to some of the singles on France's ownLes Disques Steak for comparison. This sound is going to live on in every generation, raw stripped down setup of melodic rock, lots of reverb for the vocals and guitar, make it catchy. These guys are gong to open for shannon and the Clams soon.

Hand assembled sleeve and classic checkerboard center sleeve that is a reflection of this throwback sound on the German Label EZPZ Records, go check out the B-Side on their soundcloud page:

EZPZ is proud to present to you all the debut 7 inch single from UK's best kept secret, SOMETHING MEN. All copies come in a hand glued sleeve with hand-stamped inners. Limited to 300 only! EZPZ001
Also locally this is distro'd from Sorry State.

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