Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This will Destroy You / Bleached preorders on Suicide Squeeze

Keep forgetting to mention these two preorder singles on Suicide Squeeze who thankfully are still making a deliberate effort to keep their long, varied history of releasing historic singles alive, continuing with this one from This Will Destroy You. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly listen to another instrumental album after weeks of Explosions, Red Sparrowes, Pelican, Mogwai, The Fucking Champs and Mono, these guys came along and made me realize there's still room left for at least one more. When they are creating tracks as epic as this, "Black Dunes" from the A-Side and checking out this video, first of all, I don't know how this ends up fitting on a single, maybe at 33, but it's a live document of concert footage so it's not exactly the album version, and secondly lately they sound like they are getting closer and closer to that dark, dark Sparrowes sound... that Locrian territory of utter despair, real Godspeed apocalypse now....just hopeless. It doesn't make you want to go triumph at something the way Explosions does, or have the overt agression of Pelican...it just washes over you with hopelessness. At least this track does...but not being a fan of remixes, the B-Side is a little disappointing not being an unreleased TWDY track, at the same time I am curious what a Holy Other might do with a track like this...that bonus cd of Explosions remixes are alright once in a while. Looking forward to this, plus they are doing a cool thing of 100 copies of 5 different colors, so you can go crazy deciding if you need one of each.
Then I noticed their preorder for another Bleached single, the sisters of Mika Miko who had a great one on Art Fag that I just missed out on...great cover. I'm an idiot.
They have that sort of indie garage, junk pop sound, a bunch of melody, not too complicated, how it ends up just sounding cool is something you can't pin down. So to make up for it, this single can be had from Suicide Squeeze on solid red if you get in on this preorder.

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