Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ghost Towns of the West on Chase Bliss Records

Joel from Chase Bliss Records out of Minneapolis sent me his latest single from Ghost Towns of the Old West, who are also residents of Mill city. This 5 piece classic rock, grunge era sounding group just committed these two new tracks to vinyl not long after their debut EP.
A-Side's, "Robust" takes a distorted twangy electric into a solo mini-funk area with Dan Crowe delivering a piled up Chris Cornell style vocal, a bluesy sounding emotional echo, extending syllables, drawing out the scene and a contrast to the punching heavy arcs of distortion. The whole thing being immensely clean sounding, a dense fuzz of classic power riffs heavily cutting through the delicate melody. Danielle Wagner is on belting soul backup duties, a seriously trained vocalist, adding her 'oh yea's' in overdrive, eyes closed one hand on the headphones. Against the guys in the band yelling into a room mic between going back into the valleys of riffs it's an attempt at a grungy blues with the power of a thousand watts.
"Mr. Loewe" on the B-Side takes things down into a narrative track about this know it all creep with tremolo organ and electric, piano, and an ultra slow rhythm see saw punctuated by the band on that room mic again yelling in chorus every once in a while... a nice break from the up close, smooth vocals by Dan on this one. He's not too angry about the whole situation, more like in a stoned haze about the whole thing. By the time this honkey tonk psyche ends he won't even remember what his problem was with this guy in the morning.

Get this one on White or black vinyl from Chase Bliss Records.

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  1. Both of those songs will get stuck in your head all day long!