Saturday, December 3, 2011

Interview with Pat from Cellar Hits Records

I talked with Pat a couple weeks ago about his label, Cellar hits and the singles he's recently put out by Netherfriends and his own project, The Zookeepers. He's documenting the scene there in Cape Cod and I had to hear what that's all about as well as this Davis Leibe Hart/Adam Papagan cassette. Pat put together the WTF fest in the cape that Fat History Month actually played at a while's a small 7inches world.

A couple of tracks play during the interview, from the Netherfriends, on their angry coast EP, the cut, "Washington, DC", and the opening of the Teen Crumpets lathe from the Zookeepers as well as a couple of tracks from The Best of David and Adam cassette.

Click on this link to listen in your browser, (17-min).


  1. Awesome interview! I LOVE David Liebe Hart. I had no clue he had a cassette. I'm so jellious of Cellar Hits right now.

  2. Thanks man, this cassette is pretty nuts...I'm psyched for Billion dollar movie, I know David's going to be in there.