Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mondo Ray - Hyptnotized on Windian Records

Windian Records sent this single in from Mondo Ray along with The Penetrators single, and the back sleeve liner notes report this is a brother duo, the Da Cruz's, out of Munich, Germany going after a heavy clear garage punk feel on the A-Side number, "Hypnotized". Actually it's even getting into late '90s Superchunck indie sound for me, palm muted chords over a beating away tom rhythm. It's essentially straightforward power rock track, create a massive racket with just the two of them. I'm starting to think part fo the equation with a duo is this insane energy that wants to make up for a lack of members onstage or something. David gets a little Jello Biafra warbly on the vocals towards the end of this one, but he just can't help it. Fellas, we all know what it's like to be hypnotized, it happens right before being dicknotized and in about as long as this track is on, that cover art is pretty accurate.
The B-Side, "Nothing" has a more layered melodic rock feel, interweaving those tight progressions of quick distortion. They really captured that raw, twangy sound of a metal string being plucked just a little too hard. This one is moving past just the punk garage of the first side and into a sort of nervous post punk present. Get a skinny tie out for this driving, one note punchy rhythm, which quickly blows out into both brothers woah! oh! oh! oh!-ing into the party. Is it any surprise that this genre is being steadily revisited lately with no end in sight? It sounds fun to listen to, let alone play in as a couple of guys touring the bars and basements of the world.
Ultra short bursts of garage rock via Germany with a great psychedelic sleeve from Alex Fine, on Windian Records:

MONDO RAY has been at the forefront of Munich Germany’s Pop-Garage-Punk scene for a while now, pushing out a hand full of singles and an LP due out as well. They have been on the WINDIAN radar since we started 2 years ago, and we are excited to finally release their latest offering “Hypnotized”. The A-Side title track is a quick heater with a “West Coast Sound” drawing from the States, reminiscent of a Circa: Now! RFTC. The B-Side “Nothing” is more of what you expect from this duo. Great Garage-Pop, with a Punk undertone, keeping this song moving at a nice pace.

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