Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Erection - self released

Here's how to start out the week right, look through the stack of singles that are up next and pick the one with the best name. A self released single from the Brooklyn based band, Baby Erection.
What possessed me to try to google image search their name for a pic of the sleeve, I don't know. Terrible idea, I mean....really disturbing results, and now I'm on some kind of government watch list. Thanks guys!

The A-Side's "Lon Chaney Blues" is built out the thinnest, jankey sounding wrecked electric guitar. It's the kind of raw, broken amp sound that would make Ty segall jealous. Nick is on lead vocals, straining to be heard above the crazy rec room racket pouring onto the mic hanging from a duct taped 'x' in the middle of the ceiling. He's distorted as hell, yelling all kinds of abstract things about the silent film star who was known for his crazy monster makeup effects, so it seems like perfect garage fodder for a misunderstood misfit point of the way who told these guys about Lon Chaney? These are his blues alright...originally recorded on a 4-track cassette it's got all the character of the Siltbreeze Yips records..all stripped down as raw as they day they were recorded. A dirty, crying mess. Like the Liquor Store / Natural Child split...going for it in the rehearsal space, the cymbals peaking all over the place, and played together live, so when you stumble a little bit, it's just the way it goes...give it some character as we like to say int he biz. Pure and simple. Big time feedbacking mess by the end, and a little growling...the Lon Chaney monster is not happy, it's definitely Cramps or a Nodzzz punk kind of feel...or that single from Mess Folk on Hozac, completely damaged, sincere punk.

The B-Side then is the big band standard, "Baby erection Boogie" really sounding like the opening from California Uber Alles, the smooth jazz bassline, don't forget to tip the waitress, clinking glasses and forks. The guitar really kicks in and goes completely instrumnetal, picking up with a classic "wooooooo". They just rock the tempo completely out, throw a spazz solo on here as it falls all apart. Something creepy and classic about this one.
Hell, if they can get this down on cassette in someone's shared rehearsal space over here in Brooklyn then I should think they'd be up for opening for Big Shots or Liquor Store one of these days.

Scuzzy, home recorded garage junk crap, self released by the band, which to me says more than anything else...having a complete hand in this beginning to end, the most accurate representation of the sound.

On Black big hole, jukebox vinyl with handnumbered insert card, check out their bandcamp page, or like them and email babyerection(at) to get a copy and on that watch list.

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