Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Tears on Rainy Road Records

Got a single in here from Baby Tears on a label out Omaha, Rainy Road Records. Baby Tears started with Ethan Jones (ex-The Faint and Church of Gravitron) who invited Todd VonStup and Jef Shadoan to round out this scuzz-noise trio which involved a donkey laying across some kind of organ on the sleeve there, but mostly a broken 4-track and a few bucks for beer and a tape in the livingroom, but that didn't stop these guys from getting the most blown out peaking trash sound since the Mayyors, and where you didn't want to probably be in the same room with those guys once the music ended, Baby Tears suggest they might not kill you favoring a slightly more melodic sound and recognizable vocals.
On "Homeless Corpse" the vibrating sludgy wall of reverb is massively impressive when you think this sound is coming from a three piece, and this is not a blues inspired garage sound, it's more like a dirty basement with a single bulb swinging slowly in the middle of the room... possibly a bad situation, maybe you shouldn't have come by yourself at least. Everything is just crackling, those 20 extention cords and adapters plugged into the 2 outlets on the verge of tripping the whole neighborhood. When you can get a kick drum to peak out and have a trebly snap sound to it, well you've accomplished something loud my friends. It sounds like the tascam starts to run out of batteries during a breakdown part, and they're just verging for a minute into those pure sound experiments, and the spring reverb coming to a quick halt with a yell. pOWerful stuff, with a capital OW on your ears.

B-Side's "She sells eggs" uses those incredibly overdriven drums from Jef right out of the gate and Todd playing along in menacing Shellac style (if Steve lost all of his fancy microphones of course) which in a weird new way makes it sound that much more dangerous, and that's where this kind of rough recording can serve the sound. It says a lot when seemingly they aren't concerned with showing you the entire scene, you're sort of making it up, coming to your own conclusions to this punky trash beating. There's some crazy effects or synth in the chorus, and it's even sounding like some of the best moments of Terror Visions, there's still a lot of possibilites in that Units combination of synth-punk (that never sounds good). You can take unnatural sounds from electronics and have them play nice with blown out rock like this, The Faint background serves them well here, building on those crazy sounds...not afraid to use them.
Not that it doesn't take just as much time and effort to find the right peaking places and mix those three tracks together, but then this isn't the first time for any of these guys. The sum of experience and starting over sounds a lot like this.

200 black, 100 gold with xerox insert and big font rpm guide, which I appreciate...on Rainy Road Records, who also have a crazy back catalog of Brimstone Howl, Alija Trout and even a single from Darek Lyn Plastic, so you know who you're dealing with like Baby Tears themselves, they didn't just press records yesterday.

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