Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Interview with Robert from Moniker Records

Got a chance to talk to Robert from Moniker Records a couple weeks ago about the origins of his label, the singles and full lengths he's put out so far and the six (!) albums he's got planned for the coming year.
Moniker Records is a really inspiring story about a collector maniac (like me and you) who literally happened across an early Death single and started their reissue with the help from the folks at Drag City. Since then he started his own label mining more great unheard and undiscovered music that deserves to be reissued. It's the kind of label you can be sure each and every release is going to be as important as the last. Not only is the story of how the label itself started amazing, but Robert seems to seek out that same kind of narrative with each artist, from happening across a live show from John Bellows or contacting Venezuelan born Yva Las Vegas, they have one thing in common...they're making great music for the sake of doing it, and Robert is going to get it out there to more people who care.

Throughout the interview there's exerpts of the artists on the label and you can check out further samples on Moniker's website.

Click on the player below to listen or download the MP3. 18mb, 20 minutes.

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