Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moscow Moscow Moscow on Eradicator Records

Two things came to mind with this single, first I wonder if Eradicator records has anything to do with the Kids in the Hall and the ski mask character running around racketball courts, and then the band name being Moscow Moscow Moscow, all I hear is an annoying girl from the Brady Bunch. I'm lame.

Eradicator looks to be distro-ing everything from Almost Ready's entire catalog to The Hussy to The Spits, so this single is starting out in good company, but at the same time I wasn't expecting a 4 song EP of no-wave surf instrumentals from this duo of escaped prisoners* (see above sleeve).

A-Side's "Surfin' USSR" has a direct sounding scuzzy, one note at a time melody with all the rough slide sound of fingers on heavy guage strings and appropriately spazz wipeout style drums. Let's play melodies, since we're from the former soviet union we don't know English, don't expect vocals.
"Feeling Squamish (A Love Song)" is more of this bizarre rigid surf sound, but this drummer is on speed or something, he just seems to be playing twice as fast as any of this calls for, in a great way. The guitar is getting into layered chords this time, fancy picking and an acoustic is back there somewhere. My favorite track, hearing those messed up harmonies, letting the melody get twisted around into each other.
"North of Vomit" starts to sound like Half Japanese, they're a little bit more damaged here, the unassuming melodic pieces fitting together like a puzzle, but maybe its just the ways it's played that comes off like some kind of experimental jam. This one is pretty rough, the near misses keep this feeling pretty raw and spontaneous, not like Stalin's lockstep marching.
"Hammer, Sickles and Girls" Vocals! Repeat the title! They are taking this russian thing seriously, what was up with that Born in the USSR song? I want these guys to cover it all. A Link Wray Prinzhorn Dance School style, or an art brut science project. I bet these guys met in art school, this has thesis project written all over it. The conceptual look, down to the titles, hell they're a living museum to fascist style. We. Are. Rocking. out. Yeah! Down with the US. Makes the whole thing seem kind of ridiculous, was there ever really a cold war? We weren't really going to shoot nukes at the russians right? I mean that would have destroyed the whole planet!!! Dummies.

On red vinyl handnumbered in half cut sleeve, Eradicator says:

Dennis the Red menace and Red Sonja did it again. Hopefully this record want cause as many death threats as their first record. Red Sonja is truly the most talented guitar player kicking up dust as she stomps around on her Tetris cubes while Dennis follows Reds beautiful guitar lines with some of the most primitive drumming around.
They say that when it's cold in Russia you should throw another Moscow record on the turn table to warm things up. Here's four more songs to get you through those mid season blues. Three original instruMental stompers and one fucking blazer of a shouter.

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