Friday, January 27, 2012

Sokea Piste on Peterwalkee Records

Peterwalkee Records sent over this hardcore wax from Sokea Piste, a Finnish 4 piece making full use of a dual layered guitar attack that continue to explore what happens after rock went punk.
A-Sides, "Kollektiivinen Paniikki" (I appreciate the english translation of the lyrics on the insert) has these guys shaking out brief power chords that are the furthest thing from pop punk, they favor a dirtier sound, the melody is anything but a chance to party. I know that they're pissed off without even looking at the translation insert.
Although you don't even need to know necessarily what they're railing against, but it helps when they eloquently make as much sense as this. It's protest music, plain and simple, they have a lot of beef and anywhere in the world it ends up as some form of this. Hard and fast, loud and heavy.
The nice thing is that this feeling is even happening in somewhere as far away as Finland, there's this marginalized part of society everywhere that ends up working it out like this, (wasn't there that doc about middle east heavy metal...)it's completely crazy it exists and makes perfect sense at the same time. Sokea is Piste and yell this one out, stopping with that precise drop of the hat.
Next up on this side, "Ala Ajattele Kuolemaa", goes on about death, again, in really smart ways. I'm into the lyric, especially after revisiting Refused, thanks to their reunion tour...and this also sounds more and more related to this straight ahead post-punk sound...a little bit of Fugazi's penchant for experimental guitar directions while driving the track dead ahead. The Mission of Burma big guitar sound with minor keys and mono-melodies.
B-Side's "Imbesilli Jattilainen" is about a giant, maybe literal...but is the worst parts of society. Lots of feedback distortion dissonance over a steady great bassline, the whole thing slowly building up, all kinds of guitar as noise, weirdo layers, off key and bent, a little Blonde Redhead. I need more of that guitar experimental stuff in my life...not in melody or the way the instrument is played, but when you examine that brutal raw distorted chord and deal solely with it's delivery....those tiny elements that change this into this last bit of clone pedal effect melody that's taking the whole thing out.

I've seen these giants in Skyrim and they are not to be messed me, don't make that mistake.

Peterwalkee recs says:

SOKEA PISTE from Finland (members of KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX)create chaotic, driving, and noisy punk rock with odd time signatures and freaked out guitars! Somewhere bewteen Mission of Burma, No Hope for the Kids, and Steel Pole Bath Tub, SOKEA PISTE is a murderous crush of perversity, paranoia, twisted visions of blind rage, solitary insanity and silent thoughtful violence. 500 copies pressed, 100 on yellow vinyl (mail order only). Silk screened covers, sticker, and digital download with bonus track from upcoming LP!.

Heavy cardstock screened sleeve, on black vinyl with color lyric insert.

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