Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weird Party "Honey Slides" on Sex and Death Records

Weird Party from Houston, sent their "Honey Slides" single in a little bit ago, this one off their own Sex & Death Records. The best thing I like about their Facebook page is the fact that they list Van Gogh as an artist that they like and the drummers name is "Dick Cravings", which is my vote for best band member name so far this year, an early entry but a strong one. Honk Honk.
It all kind of points to where we're headed with this one, but who is that freaking hunk on the cover? I still haven't decided if that's someone in the band, or an possibly an old Teen Beat cover? I have trouble believing this guy has anything to do with this energetic Cramps-style punk, even if it is a weird party. Is everyone invited?
"Honey Slides" starts off with the party tom beat and groove-ass bassline with some guitars coming in over on one channel. Rowland on vocals starts off pretty low key, talking about the sings that he's possibly losing his mind, and that's where the vocal turns to a scream. There's a little bit of a psychobilly trashy punk feel going on here, especially talking about insanity and in such a peppy, dick dale way. I'm going to invoke that genre's standard, Deadbolt, and these guys are the younger bratty relatives, who even get a little Jello Biafra sounding at the emotional, lost his mind points. There he is singing, "I'm not your maniac", but clearly he is, at least by the second least he's being honest. They've got an obvious wink feel to this single so far that works between party punk rock and disturbing.

The B-Side titled, "Sarah Palin" is going to pose a lot of problems, starting with the name of the track, you risk a lot by even talking about this waste of time at this point. It almost feels bad to even have wasted a side on her...the radio dial is spinning through the stations, all the static eventually leads to an off kilter distorted riff, with even a Frank Black type moment with the return of his maniac vocal over this melody. The chorus of this one is full of similar big layered guitars, huge chords of Sparta style punk, and a great chorus about how evil she is...but still at the end of the day, you're stuck with singing about that idiot? It's a damn shame to waste perfectly good chords on her....let alone a whole side of a seven inch? No matter how catchy...but who would have thought "I'm emperor Ronald Reagan..." would have worked either.

On black vinyl with download card and lyric insert...well, I guess they could have put her face on the cover if they really wanted to be jerks. Weird Party alright. Give my regards to Mr. Craving.

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