Monday, February 6, 2012

The Midwest Beat 4 song EP on Eradicator Records

Here's another single up today from Eradicator Records, this one from The Midwest Beat, seems to be working on a super-pop, packed with catchy harmonies and hooks reminiscent of '60s garage and psych, but keeping things seriously crafted, leaning towards the brief, hook packed 4 song EP. That might have something to do with a midwest snowbound work ethic, the antithesis of smoking doobies at the beach...or an appreciation for those Kinks style garage origins that has never really gone by the wayside.

"Back to Mono", the first track on the A-Side goes right into a jangly, bouncy guitar rhythm. I learned that Logan, who's not even the regular lead vocalist is front and center on this, (thanks to the kind turkey blog) he's got an out of control enthusiasm which shows up across the entire band. There's a great bending guitar in this faux surf style for the breakdown that serves to bring this stuff back even harder when the chorus comes back. These guys have this insane energy, the punching in of harmonies, pushing this one forwards...and fast.
"Blind Flower Girl", starts up with no break from the first track, slowed down and reminding me, with this raspy scratchy vocal, of a Replacements type track, with a lot more harmonies. By the end another surfside guitar is furiously picking and the jangle is back. They're laying a vocal harmony on thick and heavy, almost in a Creedence type hyper-country. There's something far away from garage about this, it's a pretty straightforward rock, with a heck of a lot of energy they can't help but let loose constantly.

The B-Side starts out with "Sexi Ladi" a Hussy cover (!) who by the way have a bunch of new stuff coming out this year and they must be pretty psyched to have a cover on someone else's record already. The Midwest Beat's version sounds like it cleans up the original, taking it way back to those '50s surf jams down the beach from the garage. They have a heavy whammy bar bend, lots more handclaps and in place of Bobby's mischief sounding vocal, they lay on more of a layered approach with insane ammounts of vocals, everyone throwing in their sweet harmony as usual jam packing this in. "Smile Like a villain then takes a turn towards the psych acoustic, like a Strawberry Alarm Clock burner, full of their handcrafted vocals, distorted through all kinds of different patina's. Here there sounding a lot like the Fresh & Onlys, across this whole EP even, the same kind of pop experimentation. There's a lot of ways to create a psych-pop song and The Midwest Beat sound like they've got to try them all.

Get this one from Eradicator Records:

ER22 Midwest Beat "Back To Mono" 7"

Four song EP 7” by Wisconsin’s best “angry bubblegum” band The Midwest Beat. Obviously the whole EP pays homage to the 60’s vibes fans of the Beat have come to expect, but it’s definitely a unique Midwest Beat release. From the striking cover art, to the beautiful candy blue vinyl, the package is excellent. The Midwest Beat are ever expanding, both in style and delivery, both musically and lyrically. I’m glad the Midwest Beat once again showed us their extended depth. Great single by a great band. Buy it!-Bobby Hussy

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