Monday, February 13, 2012

Terrible Twos on X! Records

This single from the Terrible Twos is a repress/additional press of their single from back in 2005 on  X! Records, who were nice enough to send this over along with the Johnny Ill Band and Tyvek single...pretty cool that they seem to be set on keeping everything in print, like this classic single I would have definitely missed out on by now. This interview from Termbo has the 5 piece's origins in Detroit and playing shows with the Dirtbombs or Frustrations...they're still at it heaed down to SXSW this year and putting out a full length on Urinal Cake Records...Nashville move over.

"Plunderball" has the dual guitars crushing heavy riffs, with a weird synth sound in the background, otherwise a real tough affair, lots of authorotative singing and WOOOOOWWW!, fun screaming. Like something related to the Make Up, but really they keep completely changing the melody up keeping it massive, real serious party, heavy rock and roll. Maybe there's a little dash of Sabbath, the timed power chords, with a heavy soul sounding blues freakout, alternating between this speed metal and scuzzy garage, all high freaking fi. They're really going for speed, this high hat rhythm is pretty insane, Chris or Craig, they sound like they go back and forth on vocals as this track gets szicophrenic, two distinct parts fighting with each other, but in the end it's all just a variation of the balls out punk in the garage sound that Detroit seems to have no problem fostering.

"Spitting Image" starts with the rumble fade in of feedbackand they are just as determined this time to rock that greasy blues, sharpie'd denim jacket rock again on this one. Attitude, bigger chords, with impressive guitar craft, noodling solo style melodies appear between the hyper chords. Lots of technical guitar... same goes for these insane drum riffs. I would be rocking along, head shaking with these guys but I keep getting caught up in this kind of crazy mathy skill of prog garage they're achieving, and just staring off into space.
I'm also missing a lot of these killer lines like
She was twice my age / like my mother with money
This B-Side is more of the shit kicking blue collar aesthetic, full of the blues and distortion, a JSBX sort of sound but with a hell of a team seriously putting a dense, skillful package together. If you're really, really good, can this still be called garage?

X! Records just wants you to pick this up, who said you had to start thinking and jamming bands into holes for pigeons...damn!

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