Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ceiling Stares preorder on Velocity of Sound Records

Had to talk about this new single from The Ceiling Stares that my buddy Darren over at Velocity of Sound just put up for preorder today...I spent some time with it last week and came up with a couple of words for this preorder. We put out that split single a few months back now and it's great to hear Darren went on to keep working with these guys.

VOS has unleashed a bigger, epic monster of a track from Pittsburgh's own The Ceiling Stares. Last time on their side of a split with The Super Vacations they played to their psych-pop talents with “Tunnel through the air”, and now with slightly more room to breathe, these two tracks take a sweeping look at their new direction.

Side A: “The Day the Volcano Screamed Death” begins with an ominous, single note bass rhythm, a far off distortion is rumbling just under the earth’s crust along with tiny synth melodies. Just when it seems like this could be a darker, slower ride, the crisp, deep vocal from Steve Patchan comes in along with their signature jangle and sweeping style. The Ceiling Stares are known for working their intricate pop to melodic extremes, this time bringing out the female soul harmony backup like the angels in heaven. This narrator on the other hand has it in for those ungrateful’s time for the VOLCANO! Any excuse to let it the lava loose, add a little pressure, some bluesy guitar solos and step back. The Ceiling Stares are focused on their destructive side and let the big rock chords out spilling down the mountain.

Side B: is “River Narrows” which takes us from that widespread mass destruction to the rushing open road, the white center lines blurring by. The track flys along in their trademark shiny treble strum with a late ‘90s Husker Du style vocal, in a sound of post experimental country.

Winter is so cold up here / stick around Spring will be a jem.
Their lighthearted layered vocals always seems to be calling for a singalong, intent on creating a party chorus with a guitar lines from the Built to Spill days of layered distortion.
Never content to stick with one catchy rhythm for long they flip the script with a proggy breakdown of tom solos and mysterious organ if only to contrast an even bigger beat about to drop. This was just one of those quick side of the road pit stops and we’re back up to speed right away, counting in french in guy/girl harmonies, chanting out the’s a hazy dream of that open road and the miles flying by.

Darren also told me about a big time crazy benefit auctions he's been putting together with out of print artifacts from the VOSR archives:

VOSR has listed some IMPOSSIBLY RARE items on eBay to help raise money for Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania. Some of the items you will be able to bid on are an Epic Ditch "36-HOUR" test press, Flesh Vehicle "Set Free" test press and an autographed PUJOL "ANGELBABY" test press! Plus, some out of print black & white split colors and other rarities.

The auctions are in full effect right now. Just search for Velocity of Sound.

Don't bid against me, bro.

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