Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dronaement - Wassermond rerelease on Drone Records

Marcus, from Dying For Bad Music Records was nice enough to send in this single from his own project which came out on Drone Records. I didn't even realize this was on Drone, but it reminded me of The Great Pop Supplements releases, heavy vinyl sleeve, this handmade print sleeve and inserts, and when I read the notes in the gutter that said, "water sample I & II" I ended up putting on his release before even checking out his label.

A-Side's track, "Wassermond", mentions in the liner notes how this was based on a sample by Jim de Jong, and that this single was first recorded and mixed in 1999, but this is a second pressing of 300. I've always heard of Drone Records, they seemed to be like the Important Records or the Touch of Germany, going all out with the weirdo sound projects and modern composer/experimental sounds. This single is working along those lines....a water sample has been manipulated to an insane degree, stretched out forever at 45rpm across this thin cloudy green vinyl, I don't know what kind of vinyl mix they have overseas but this feels like soft candy, it bends way too easily. it got me thinking if this might work on another conceptual level, like they made this out of seaweed or some kind of biodegradable vinyl substitute. (Trademark-7inches)...If we want to keep listening to records in about two or three hundred years form now we're going to have to manufacture these things out of anything but oil. The sounds here are resembling crickets and their sounding chattery noises, like the bouncing of rattling stones... falling in and out of sync, slightly changing speeds. There's another heavy sound of spinning metal, like a high pitch aluminum bowl on a glass table, ringing away. A rushing bubbling sound of the water deconstructed and pieced back together...I wouldn't be surprised if this was even trying to emulate the water sample itself, if they stripped out the water negating the creek frequencies all together. A Chiming of bells, like a grandfather clock before the whole thing kind of dies away. It's a long piece relatively, taking it's time to work out these facets of a brook. Not a big sounding stream.
The B-Side, "Wassertank", starts a far off pumping rhythm, and this one is more of an ocean rolling in kind of source material, sounding more ominous. I guess we're dealing with a huge body of this element now, it's dark, a much bigger force to be reckoned with. You aren't dealing with a tiny fountain in the middle of a restaurant, you're standing on the edge of a massive destructive power, and it's not so nice in the middle of the night. The quieter crashing mixes with this analog moog sounding electronics, pulsating. It's a much quieter side, and there's some kind of storm brewing far off in the distance.

Get this one on Marcus' label shop, Dying for Bad Music, I am dying for it and have more of his singles to talk about in the coming weeks.

Also just got word about this Dum Dum Girls solo single from Katie on ART FAG records:

Former Dum Dum Girl, Katie Serbian Brouillette is releasing her new project Cheap Curls' debut 7" on Art Fag Recordings this spring. You can listen to the track, "Jackie Oh" here and preorder the record below. The debut 3 song 7" is pressed in an edition of 500 copies.

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