Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Matadors on Yeah Right! Records

Oh boy today we've got some 50's surf greaser, hot rod tiki lounge sounds that collided with the B-horror movies in this single from The Matadors, they're lying in coffins and chopping off heads, becoming zombies and riding sweaty motorcycles on this single from Yea Right! Records.

A-Side's "Scissorfight" isn't about literally fighting with sharp metal cutty things, but more the name for what the ladies who fancy each other might do when they are in the privacy of their homes. Hooch on vocals has a kind of John Spencer style of blues delivery, mixed with a little country....not to mention this thing is a super slick three piece, the guitar working between a country fingerpick style, to a distorted chuncky pop punk sound. Seriously major drumming, a tom double bass style, here's a chorus, everyone comes in. Rocket from the Crypt, The Cramps, and hillbilly serial killing, that's not a band, just what they seem like they'd be up to on this sleeve.

"Walking Dead" on the b-side, comes off like a country fried shit kicking Misfits, a little bit of george Thorogood and zombies, where do these weirdos get off making this kind of subject matter fun? You're sick! Am I being scared or rocking out to this punk party?
Big chords, sudden stops, pompadours, stray cats, all attitude, a soundtrack theme song waiting for the movie. They've got the energy and the elvis style. Big production, slow down to a medley at the end.

On black vinyl, 500 copies from Yea Right! Records

Look at me I figured out how to embed bandcamp tracks:

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