Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chairs Missing on Loud and Clear Records

When I was putting together the interview with Brad at Loud and Clear I included a track from this Chairs Missing single that I haven't been able to get out of my head...and what's gong on with these guys? Aside form this facebook page I'm sure people are waiting for a longer full length...(wait no more, should be done in about a week - ed). It's that swirls psych-pop that sounds like...well....not to plug my own release, but the Ceiling Stares / Super Vacations split...super melodic layered fuzz, on the border of so catchy you could almost move around to it, but at least have to hear it again.

The A-Side, "To The Hills", feels like San Diego baby. Heavy surf reverb and vocal harmony...specifically that ducktails spring metallic reverb, but instead of a tropical tinged kettle drum, it's got a more rock edge, filling in those woven spaces with big time medlodies and muted twangs.
A lot like that Slow Animal single, who also get away with this kind of nostalgic stoner vibe. A slightly rowdier bunch of guys in a room reinterpreting any Real Estate album, laid back, completely fun, the sun shining down, teasing out that sparkly reverb, a lazy tom beat bobbing back and forth. This melody is really taking over, way stronger than it should be, and just as simple and classic as "budweiser sprite makes you feel alright"....damn I love that song and keep meaning to try that drink one lazy deck chair day. I need some sun.
I like the tape recorder pressing of stop at the end, you'd never know this wasn't straight off the reel to reel instead of the cassette.

B-Side's, "Feels Like it Should" starts with a distant Sergio Leone twang electric, the bigger delay is on the vocal this time. The Fresh and Onlys... Frankie Rose should be taking notes a bit, or Ski lodge, this one is going more pop than psych, wrapping around melodies, surf kettle druming electric plinks like Abe Vigoda, synth bells chiming. Then throwing back to A Psychedelic Furs or Modern English feel, I know what you're thinking but that After The Snow album is a fantastic unappreciated gem.
This hints at No Age even in it's quieter moments, these guys have an impressive future ahead of them, I am looking forward to tracking down more. They can take their time and experiment but keep the all important sunny melody front and center without getting too crazy with the effects or tape hiss. A fantastic balance of contemporary reverb surf psych and throwback new wave. Excellent work, and one of the impressive futures of Loud and Clear, check them out, this is a great single.

...and guys don't think I didn't notice The Wire reference.

Color xerox sleeve on thick purple vinyl from Loud and Clear Records.

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