Friday, April 27, 2012

Danko Jones on Yeah Right records

Yeah Right has blindsided me with this spoken word record from Danko Jones. Now you might be familiar with this band and their melodic tunes with guitars, bass and drums, but this single is not that.

Danko Jones, the character, with a fedora (on the sleeve) sounds like he's just about to break into song, like James Brown.....this is like all the in between shit right before they rock, kind of a hilarious idea. All foreplay and no finish. All kinds of places around the country...hell, around the world. Talking dirty to the those Kiss live albums, asking rhetorical questions...Do you want to rock? Are you ready to rock?
Hows everyone doing tonight? We love you (city)...and this single is spanning ten years....really the weirdest damn thing.
I love hearing the different sizes of audiences and spaces, differnet PA systems, "asking weird questioons to drunk people" thats what the title of this single should be.
He's got some damn energy that's for sure, this is a radio DJ's dream.... throw it inbetween tracks of real depressing limey's like the Cure or Morrissey.

The B-Side is more of this totally weird, shitty microphones, distorted PA systems sound, I love that he's just freestyling with pump up banter like some kind of Bob Log pro wrestler.
Danko likes rock and roll parties, Danko talks in third person, Danko likes talking about the photographers, Danko sounds like John Spencer, he's definitely funny, he knows he's a bad ass, he knows how to get the people riled up. Like those professionals who get people excited at live tapings of Conan.
"everybody say the f word!"

Get pumped in your own livingroom. 2nd position most bizarre record of 2012.


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