Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bloodhouse on Caesar Cuts Records

John Z from Caesar Cuts Records sent this single from Bloodhouse, great name, and little to be found on the internets about these guys. I'm lazy...but that's how 7inches likes it. No review links, no live photos, no bio, nothing to give me any idea about where these guys are coming from... just listen to the single. Exactly.

A-Side's "Please Don't Meet Me" has what I guess you could call just a big, classic rock sound, even leaning towards something throwback like Dead Meadow...not the same massive booming depth, but that kind of sludgy plodding along, and slightly bent melody structure. Giant drawn out guitars, far away from garage, throwing all the stops in with a bit of a metal delivery on vocals, they are buried deep but this guy can really hit these strained notes. More big grooves, smashing slow cybmals and simple basslines, this one ends on a dime. As classic power '70s metal as they're going they're pushing these guitar effects way over into experimental territory. They stretch this distortion to a breaking point in the context of this classic stoner sound. Bending the string to oblivion, turning the tuning peg until the string snaps, going to that imperceptible change that's just one cent higher than that last turn that's going to break it.
What if you had a glass that had a metal guitar string strung into it, tuned to the frequency that would shatter the glass. If you ever played it, the whole thing would explode. Like Wooden Shjips, or that West Coast stoner drone, it's a big one.

"Cool Intentions" on the B-Side, picks up the tempo with a buried, dual vocal layer sounding eerily like Jane's Addiction? They're getting a great tone with these almost shoegaze layers of fuzz guitar and drums. Enough room for a bassline, hitting on that untapped mine of early '90s big time rock, loving those distortions, and the Blood on the Wall pop leanings but Bloodhouse is fuzzier all around, no clear outright melodies, they have a murky overwhelming sound, not that you can recall the tune. The whole track eventually drives right off the cliff, with just a touch of that spring echo delaying out to the end of this record.


pick it up direct from Caesar Cuts Records.

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