Thursday, May 10, 2012

Channel Cairo on Laissez Faire Club Records

Jeremy from Laissez Faire Club Records sent this one in from Channel Cairo, a dream-pop five piece out of London and specializing in ridiculously grandiose compositions, with the kind of combined talent that's just about at the breaking point.

A-Side's "Elephant Room" has (in retrospect what is clearly) their signature bouncy, delicate piano work with lush layers of backup 'oooo' vocals, rising and fading into angelic choir territory, panning back and forth. One of the piano riffs gets caught in a delay and a subdued guitar melody starts picking up. They have a real big pop sound the likes of Spoon or Elvis Costello, the same magical abrupt left turns. Like Kurt Heasley from the Lilys.... you're basically born with this abiility or you aren't. It's a balance of dense delicate epic stuff, winding around impossible corners just for fun. They get off on the twists, real songwriter stuff with a parlor full of classical instruments, quill pens a grand piano and that music notation paper...with the lines...what the hell is that called? Humming along...bastards. It gets insanely epic, what are they trying to prove? They save the last bit to really blow this out of the water and then fade into silence.

So then the B-Side "Underrated Grace (acoustic Demo)" has to go and prove even at the stage of a 'demo' (they use the tern loosely), it's going to be a real complex affair. Pounding on piano keys with that hall echo, a little bit of glam or Queen rock opera feel in this bouncing melody. Those silences between vocals blasting away in this giagantic room. Honestly I get caught up in the talent of this vocal.... it's going to take a while to even process the narrative itself...because it's a damn sad one, as much as he's trying to cheer this the whole feel up with the bouncy piano key runs. He's not fooling anyone, this is full of heartbreak.

Check out their Daytrotter Session over here, and the track from this Laissez Faire Club single below:

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