Wednesday, May 9, 2012

C'mon on Yeah Right! Records

Wouldn't you know it, as I'm looking up C'mon's facebook page and site, it turns out these guys already played their last show and this single is in fact their final release. Two tracks on the A-Side and dead silence on the reverse.

The first track "We're Not Coming Down" is all kinds of rawkus attitude here, yelling metal vocals like Wolfmother, a similar bluesy huge layers of guitar. Lots of very specific effects, a combination of classic rock and really tight production...always going seriously epic. Solo into oblivion, steady rhythm layered vocals. "Love Theme from C'mon" has some distorted vocals still going big time blues band with a big shitty gritty guitar muffled chunk distortion.
Back and forth vocals half distorted... the other clear, lots of attitude in a big showman way, you can hear the stage antics, huge guitars, cleanly being beaten, between a gutsy crunch and that sweet high falsetto bird teetering.

The puzzling B-Side has grooves but is completely silent, just spinning away. The weirdest thing I've ever seen, I guess like the rorschach on the front I'm supposed to make up what I think the B-Side would sound like? Very interesting. All the way right up to the gutter? Or maybe this is some kind of memorial...a moment of silence for C'mon.

Get this one from Yeah Right! Records (possibly, send them an email) who says:

the final release from C'mon. These singles will only be available at the final shows commencing October 13th. If there are any left over, you'll have a chance to purchase one beginning November 15.

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