Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deliverance Brothers on Radio Obligato Records

Radio Obligato sent in another single, this one from a couple of dudes who used to be in The Manikins, and now, after a brief hiatus, reformed into this new gargage-y two piece under the name Deliverance Brothers. I hope that'snot like that movie, but maybe there's some dueling banjo on this one...or I mean dueling crunchy distortion.

A-Side's "Stab you in the back" seems to be combining a rocking layered garage/country sound, rawkus with a yelling delivery on the verse and bent guitar chords. This thing is really rolling along with big time fills and a bit of the '60's dance bubblegum pop. Distortion on the main vocal with the harmony backup, a classic first few albums Stones kind of snarling attitude. Restrained guitar solo, and letting loose, letting things lie a little less perfectly and that's when this shines. It's all coming from the energy of this performance, probably from a single room, playing together, letting loose, flying the fill as quickly as possible. A neverending build to solos and chorus fights, don't let this one fade out.

"It won't be long" on the B-Side is another damn burner, all snare, rolling as fast as possible, with The Replacements sense of you can't pin me to a genre or maybe a little Billy Childish in there? That strong, songwriter classic folk sound delivered in their own raw style. A love song essentially about waiting, and, well.... we hope we don't know how that's going to end. If this just had a little more over the top accent it might even be the Pogues. A pure kind of drinking song, keeping this manic energy up so they don't start to slip into any sort of alcoholic depression. Harmonica belting, fastest snare beats, harmony dense packed vocals flying out as fast as this hyper beat.

I think I also just found out that this is a real radio show? There's some mixes posted here. Great idea that a label could still come out of someone playing music on the actual airwaves that are broadcast out of an actual tower somewhere. Ahhh...The good old days. Get it from those guys overseas.

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