Monday, May 7, 2012

Pink Reason - Negative Guest list on Disordered records

Just got word via The Hussy's facebook that this single (coincidentally on Disordered Records...I've been talking to Rocco here and there and an interview is in the works....probably about this very single) just hit the town...I heard Disordered was putting out a Pink Reason single but this Hussy remix is completely unexpected and awesome. Oh yea and a GNR cover! What a piece of work.
I'm going to go listen to both of Kevin's records tonight.

From Termbo:

Pink Reason - Negative Guest List Jukebox Single
Disordered Records - .5
300 copies

Side A:
Wrong/Right (The Hussy)
Dancehallocaust Remix

Side B:
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (G 'n' R)

A side is a remix of The Hussy's Wrong/Right. Why did we (Kevin Failure/Matt Horseshit) remix a song by The Hussy? Because Bazooka Joe asked us too, and they're nice kids from WI. Unfortunately the man was disappointed by the results and refused to include it on their single as planned. Sounds like if Brian Eno was trying to make Breakcore on an iPhone using only The Hussy samples.

B side is a studio recording featuring Jack Mannix (Circle Pit) on lead guitar and vocals, John Eastridge (Great Escape) on drums and vocals, and a dude named Carl that none of you know on Cello. The song featured extra editing and production by Matt Horseshit.

This record is limited to 300 copies. Each record comes in a hand made screen printed sleeve. Not hand screen printed, but a hand made sleeve that was then photocopies and finally screen printed.

This record will only be available directly through Pink Reason or in some select brick and mortar record stores. No online distros, eBay or Discogs. Please limit only one per customer.

US - 9$ PPD
Canada - 10$ PPD
World - 14$ PPD

20% of sales will be used to buy books for friends of the band currently serving time in prison, and to help fund Harm Reduction in Central Ohio.

paypal your address and the record title to:

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