Sunday, June 3, 2012

Druid Perfume on X! Records

"Don't eat 'em they're poison" - This A-Side track kicks off with a country fried, sister trio harmony about the dangers of nature: "Don't put them in your mouth they're poison"...and a free form jazz cycle blasts into existence. It's ugly, head rolling around, looking for a rhythm in a cloud of free jazz. Vocals are essentially a ballsy, rough screamy affair using the whole dynamic register, like these sax scales. You've got the bellow and the loud scary growl against the bleats and yowls from the brass section. They're getting off on making as dirty a mess as possible. Captain Beefheart standing at attention, really listening to the layers of instrumentation writhing around again.
"Honk your horn" on the B-Side then uses those horns to jazz up a rock beat. Big throaty skronks, all those unkempt noises to throw any attempt at regularity off. But then this one skillfully pulls it together at the drop of a hat. It would be a bad idea to write this off an completely untalented, they are deliberately undoing all these traditions. Rolling distortion riffs and yelling blues combined with a new endgame of jazz.
Druid Perfume. They smell like a hodgepodge of sweaty blues and metallic brass horn sounds...or all the spit left at the bottom of the trombone... a chaotic cajun bajou band's tracks all played at once. The mystery of that back woods cabin selling moonshine to a couple of locals. Christmas lights in the yard and a couple of crappy chairs. They've been playing here for years in this weird time warp.

On X! Records

Check out a track from their full length on Urinal Cake:


  1. This one looks good. I'm sucker for interesting cover art.

  2. Totally, that's a great cover for some psych greek folk band from the '70s.