Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slug Guts Strangling You too EP on Hozac hookup club

I've been meaning to check out that full length Howlin' Gang from Sacred Bones so this single from Hozac's hookup klub is the perfect introduction to the creepy garage rock of Brisbane, Australia's Slug Guts.
A-Sides "Strangling You Too" has a heavy wavering chorus guitar rhythm with some kind of synth keys over it, the vocals are big and echo'd back in the cave, yelling hoarse, coming across in this big creepy, last gasp sound. He's letting loose over a pop downer psych, it's an almost blues goth kind of sound, letting loose with a catchy catharsis that's drum mic'd big, as huge as the bounced back soundwaves will let them. Digging up those conventions while this vocal is taking it into an exhausting punk place. "Suckin Down" seems like just when they start out with a etherial sounding Cure rock this goes off on it's own growly Bauhaus, garage place. Agitated, he's always screaming in this echo mess of reverb.

B-Side's "Coathanger Blue" has a screechy reverb, tin electric tone clawing out a haunting melody and the vocals are delivered in that kind of detached, slow punk drawl. The guitar working behind him is sketching out the disjointed melody of the first verse before the whole thing comes together into this creepy sort of blues, blown out sound. It's a raw, gothy, Cramps aesthetic... laying it all out there. A free form jazz solo, coming off like that Cure Exploding Boy track, and he's really losing his mind over this decidedly dirty pile of weirdo surf.
Is this "Old Sores, New Boys" he's coming off again with his own unique howling blues garage style delivery, a sort of pleading Robert Smith with infintiely more energy, really... a release you can't ignore.

From the Hookup Klub, subscriptions still available.


  1. So far this is my favorite 7" of 2012. It's spun at 33 rpm so you can really sit down and enjoy it. It's beyond scuzzy!

  2. The Hookup Klub is the lazy man's subscription to awesome new bands. Let HoZac do the work for you! And your friends will be jealous.