Sunday, July 15, 2012

Davidson Hart Kingsbery on Fin Records

Fin Records has been focused on that southwest sound of the US lately, old cowboys, tumbleweeds and the dusty countryside of a landscape soundtrack...I'm talking about the couple of Walkabout singles...and this latest from Davidson Hart Kingsbery is another step in that modern country direction. Hart Kingsbery is leading this underground Seattle country outfit into the setting sun with this one.

"Two Horses" is combining all the elements of that huge contemporary country sound, a wiry steel slide, plinking honkey tonk piano and heavy thumping rhythm section. Hart's got that weathered rusty vocal with a metaphor here about a relationship, the two horse coming together under one big sky. It sounds a lot better coming from these guys. Sounding a little bit like Jason Molina and Mark Lanegan, there's a lot of years and soul under that 10 gallon hat. But don't get me wrong, this isn't going to have a happy ending, more like they keep just missing meeting and at the end they don't even recognize her. No wonder I'm going to have to find the nearest bar.
B-Sides, "Stuck in Washington" shit kicks this one off with a bluesy bent warm distorted electric. They always seem to be contradicting themselves with this hoedown beat with Hart wailing about working a terrible job, drinking and just trying to why's this trying so hard to move you onto some kind of sawdust dancefloor? Keeping this one as brief as the A-Side...he's got a direction to go, no messing around, alright we're here. Let's go raise hell.

Clear orange vinyl, handnumbered out of 500, with the usual attention to detail package that Fin Records is known for.

Check out Two Horses off their full length, also from Fin:

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