Friday, February 22, 2013

Interview with Ross from Canyons of Static

A major milestone at 7inches, I just finished editing the 100th episode of the podcast. For the latest I talked with Ross from his ex-band, Canyons of Static, their 10" release on Fin Records and his own R.A.D. vinyl blog.
I wrote about The Canyons 10" a while ago and put on this epic every now and then when I start breaking out the Tortoise, Pelican and Explosions gets emotional guys, I'm not going to lie.

I've been meaning to talk to Ross forever because of that 10" but also because of our shared love of writing about records...well probably not the love of the writing itself sometimes... but that we're both...let's say, compelled to share the stuff we've been listening to.
He hasn't stopped playing music of course and he and his wife have started a new pop project this time (yet unnamed?) out of West Bend, Wisconsin with a couple new members.
Go over to RAD and send Ross your records, he's a great guy who's really listening...and a great musician as well.

Also check out Canyons masterpiece full length Farewell Shadows and dream that someday this would be released on vinyl. RAD vinyl perhaps? Get in touch with ross at formerairlinerecords at

20 minutes, download HERE

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