Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lazy "Party City" single on Moniker Records

Robert over at Moniker has been pressing super interesting genre defying vinyl from day one of his label. Beginning with that John Bellows record which I keep putting on from time to's like Skip Spence's Oar or Mike Rep anthologies.. it's going to take a while to really listen and absorb these tracks but that goes for just about everything from these guys. Stacian, Jealousy, Hot & Cold...across the board weirdness, worth picking every single thing up...same goes for this loud, unapologetic punk single from Lazy, out of Kansas City.

This rainy sleeve photo of a generic run down american city with a minivan (the USA mascot) should somewhat prepare you for these noisy pissed upstarts. "Party City" starts out lulling you into an ambient track with some field recorded atmosphere only to drop the rowdy punk, like a piano on a cartoon character with lots of texture. Bursts of synth bleeps at the end of these jagged guitar riffs. Super post-punky, lots of pop and Sarica Douglas' vocals come in for that chorus. Sirens and the cops are definitely coming, bouncy echo and snare rolls in a kind of punchy Devo feel, or The Units. They prefer scratching guitar strings to strumming them. It goes from that late seventies raw, loose sound to a bubblegum rock in normal, well thought out ways. Weird and foreign like a fun punk through a chinese filter. A rainy lazy day in the industrial northeastern town, make a nice pepsi-esque label and a spiral on the b-side center label.

The B-Side opens with another sample until they burst into "Silence in Crisis" and speedfire drums. Sarica and Brock Potucek have a deliberate manic back and forth, something in the vein of Cheap Time with fast and loose chunky guitar. Rough, they go for this sound the whole chorus, they thrive on the buildup together. Dreamy echos right into snare march. Big chords, three parts, some old school snarl, classic slide melody with a reverb ping on the vocals....anthemic punk, that energy of the whole act rising up at once... no wonder this stuff can't help but be political all the time.
"Boys in the Girls room" fades into a tom buildup and Sarica is jamming in as fast as possible lyrics in her own melody, she's after this like that girl from the Pens, rapid fire yelling chorus, a messy party, people are definitely in front of the stage breaking things, her voice an alarm for girls everywhere: "Boys in the girls room!"

Damn, I knew I recognized this old sleeve...I talked about these guys a few years back and I bet they appreciated being called 'The Lazy'...what's wrong with me. Makes this release even weirder...there's no obvious straight line between releases.

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